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Campus Wide Electrical Upgrades/Technology Infrastructure - Phase 3

Contact Number-Award Date

Board of Trustees
Florida A&M University
Tallahasse, FL

Start Date-Completion Date

Contract Amount

General Contractor
A. West Enterprise
Project Manager: Jeremy Meads
Job Superivisor: Steve Cook

Project Description

          The work performed under this project consisted of providing the labor, equipment, and materials to replace a portion of the campus electrical distribution system - converting from 5kv to 15kv. Work included new underground duct and manhole system with 15kv cable, transformers, and pad-mounted switchgear. Provided new 15kv main switchgear in a new vault of concrete masonry construction with brick veneer and a metal roof at the south end of the campus. Also included were modifications to the electrical service in several existing buildings, a campus power monitoring system with new power meters and fiber optic communication cable, and other work as required for a complete and functional system. A West Enterprise Project