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NASA - Revitalize Medium Voltage Electrical Distribution System

Contact Number-Award Date

NASA-John F Kennedy Space Center

Start Date-Completion Date

Contract Amount

General Contractor
A. West Enterprise
Project Manager: Chris Griffin
Job Supervisor: Kenny Boyer

Project Description

          The work performed under this project consisted of providing all labor, equipment, and materials, tools, test equipment, specialized services, and subcontracts to revitalize various medium and low voltage power systems in the KSC Industrial Area as indicated and specified.
The work included but was not limited to the following:

  1. Demolition, replacement, and installation of underground medium voltage cable systems, 5kV and 15kV.
  2. Installation of underground duct systems (including directional boring) for medium voltage and low voltage cable systems.
  3. Demolition, replacement, and installation of 5kV medium voltage cable systems and low voltage cable systems in conduit and cable tray systems.
  4. Installing new and replacing various 15kV load break switches with SF6 Insulated Pad-Mounted Switchgear of the Vacuum Interrupter and Vault Style Load Break types.
  5. Demolition of existing secondary unit substations (5kV and 480V).
  6. Replacing various transformer and substation (5kV and 480V) equipment including reconnection to existing electrical distribution.
  7. Incidental and miscellaneous power system work including medium and low voltage equipment connections, medium and low voltage wiring splices, low voltage power distribution, labeling, painting, and grounding.
  8. Site work (excavation, backfill, concrete, bollards, de-watering, water utility, etc.) associated with underground electrical, medium voltage switch, transformer, and substation work.
  9. Hazardous material sampling and abatement (paint, oil, and asbestos).
  10. Installation of communications equipment and wiring for power metering and control equipment.
  11. Installation of power metering equipment.
  12. Switchgear control power and control systems including the use of programmable logic controllers and Schweitzer Engineering protective relay systems.
  13. Revitalize Medium Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems,  Industrial and Payload Processing Areas  
  14. Power system analysis, coordination studies, arc-flash studies, and protective relay settings.
  15. Power system equipment testing and validation including factory testing, customized field testing, and NETA testing.
  16. Specialized software integration and communications work to connect, monitor, and control, power metering, PLC, and protective relays from KSC's existing KCCS system (Citect based SCADA system).NASA