Town of Jupiter — Electric  Distribution lmprovevement To Wells

Contact Number-Award Date
JW 10-01-1/11/2011

Town of Jupiter

Start Date-Completion Date

Contract Amount

General Contractor
A. West Enterprise
Project Manager: Chris Joiner
Job Supervisor: Vincent Robinson

Project Description

          Replaced existing power distribution system to five shallow wells and electrical improvements at existing generator building including installation of 3" and 4" conduits (approximate total length 1,060 LF) by directional horizontal drilling under Central Boulevard, Indian Creek Drive West, and multiple locations along Lakeshore Drive and Cocoplum drive in Jupiter, Florida, including medium voltage power cable, direct bury of approximately 4900 LF of 5 kv power cable and 5,650 linear feet of 600v power cable, new transformers, new electrical equipment and terminations, demolition of existing electrical equipment and terminations, third party electrical testing, vegetation removal and record drawings.