A. West Enterprise Has a Recruitment Signing Day for Local High School

Patrick Maas Uncategorized

Timothy Burgess, a local high schooler from Turner County, has had a deep passion for becoming an electrician. Thanks to Turner County High School reaching out to A. West Enterprise, we learned about their promising young student. After meeting with Mr. Burgess, we knew he was someone we wanted to sponsor through our apprenticeship program. Mr. Burgess was able to share this news with his family and friends by A. West holding a signing day event (an event normally held for athletes choosing a college, but should be held for other individuals on other professional tracks). 

Mr. Burgess is looking forward to beginning A. West’s four-year apprenticeship program, which is approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, and eventually, graduating as a journeyman electrician. Timothy’s father, who also works in the construction field, was ecstatic to hear we wanted Mr. Burgess to join our company.

We would like to thank Turner County High School for their continued partnership. We would also like to thank A. West employees, Matt Jones and Mason Raburn, for the positive impact they have on recruiting and helping to grow our community.