ABAC Dining Hall Renovations

Primary Contractor:
Parrish Construction Group
221 Industrial Park Dr.
Perry, GA 31069
Owner: ABAC
Location: Tifton, GA
Contract #:
AWE 120103

A.West Project Manager
Lavon Davis


Start Date:
May 4, 2012

End Date:
November 30, 2012

  • Project Description:
    The scope of this project consisted of a renovation to an existing dining hall. The work included electrical demolition, two new panels, five breakers for existing panels, 196 new lights, a lighting control panel with five LV switches, four occupancy sensors, 12 switches, two dimmers, 54 receptacles, 430 ft. of wire mold, 9,490 ft. of conduit, and 35,000 ft. of wire.

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