Barkley Power Plant

Primary Contractor: A. West Enterprise
Owner: USACE - Nashville, TN District
Location: Kuttawa, Kentucky


Start Date:
December 2020
End Date:
October 2021

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Project Description:
Remove two (2) 15kV to 161kV Power Transformers & Neutral Reactors; remove existing 161kV and 15kv bus, insulators, PTs, CTs, lightning arresters, grounding, control cable, 600v wire, conduits, junction boxes, 480v circuit breakers, lights; demolish exiting foundations, remove railroad iron in concrete apron, remove relays in relay panel. Design & build new transformer foundations with oil pits to drain into existing storm drain system. Oil pits to have steel grating and quench rock installed in oil pits, with chemical oil stops to prevent oil from draining from oil pits. Rework all above and below grade grounding for new transformers. Furnish and install new 161 & 15kV bus, insulators, PTs, CTs, lightning arresters, conduit, control cable, 600v wire, junction boxes, 480v circuit breakers, lights, relays. Repair concrete apron. Owner will install new transformers on foundations. We will perform electrical testing on our equipment and work jointly with the Owner in testing the new transformers. Only one transformer can be done at a time, while the other stays in service. We will work with the Owner and testing companies to commission each transformer, when ready.

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