Coastal Lumber Dryer Project

Primary Contractor: A. West Enterprise
Owner: Coastal Lumber Office of Procurement
Location: Havana, FL

Start Date:
July, 3rd, 2019

End Date:
January, 31st, 2020

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Project Description:
We started this project in middle of summer with working temperatures of around 150-180 degrees inside the facility. A. West installed hangers for several sized of cable tray. We installed 950 feet of 30-inch-wide cable tray on each side of both dryers. We installed 130 feet of 36-inch-wide cable tray for feeders for three new motor control centers. On this project, there were 140 motors ranging in horsepower from 3/4HP to 30KP. Each dryer had twenty 30HP circulation fans and three 30HP cooling fans. There were 140 new starter buckets. There were 840 control termination from starter buckets to PLC cabinets. The second dryer and stacker had a total of 22 Variable Frequency Drives that were being controlled by ethernet. A. West installed all ethernet switches, cables, and terminations. We pulled 52,000 feet of tray cable ranging from 3 conductor #6 to 12 conductor #14, plus 20,000 feet of #14 THNN. On the third dryer, there were a total of 25 Variable Frequency Drives all controlled by ethernet as well. We successfully installed all switches, cables, and terminations. Every motor on this project had local disconnect switches. There are 4 HMI stations on this project and the dryer is fully automated. The motor control center feeders where 350MCC. There were two 800-amp motor control centers and one 500-amp. All motor control center feeds were fed from the existing 8000-amp switch gear. All motor control center feeders were around 350-400 feet long which had a total of 9 runs. A. West installed about 1,500 feet of rigid conduit ranging from ¾” to 4”. This project stayed on schedule the whole duration of the project while working around the mechanical contactor. We also installed sixteen thermal couples, six pressure transmitters, and four 4-20MV dampers.

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