EWR112106 Pad B Lighting

Primary Contractor: PAE SGT Partners LLC
Owner: NASA - John F. Kennedy Space Center
Location: Kennedy Space Center, Fl. 32899


Start Date:
September 2020
End Date:
March 2021

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Project Description:
Install 328 LED lighting fixtures to illuminate the surface of Pad 39B and the Mobile Launcher, as well as the SLS launch vehicle surface and its boosters’ surfaces. The 328 fixtures will be positioned across 7 poles and the elevator tower. The fabrication and installation of (27) 8ft crossarms is required to support the fixtures. The project requires the installation of the raceway, junction boxes, fuses, conductors, and lighting contactors to power the 328 fixtures. Install a 70-foot steel pole coated with inorganic top coats in accordance with NASA-STD-5008B on a new concrete foundation In addition, the 328 fixtures will be individually controllable by an AUDACY wireless controller capable of toggling On, OFF, and Dimming each fixture.