MCLB Warehouse Fire Alarm

Primary Contractor:
WW Gay Fire & Integrated System
522 Stockton Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Location: Albany, GA
Contract #:
AWE 150103

A. West Project Manager:
Lavon Davis


Start Date:
April 1, 2015

End Date:
September 1, 2015

  • Project Description:
    The scope of this project consisted of installing fire alarm systems in 10 warehouse at MCLB Albany. A total of 128,000 ft. of conduit, 659,000 ft. of wire and cable, 1,000 ft. of wire mold, and 2,280 boxes were installed as well as the fire alarm devices. All testing, start up, and commissioning was completed by others. All the old systems in each warehouse were demolished.

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