NASA Revitalize Electrical Distribution System

Primary Contractor:
A. West Enterprise
705 Canal Street
Albany, GA 31707
Owner: NASA - John F. Kennedy Space Center
Location: Kennedy Space Center, FL
Contract #:
AWE 130202

A. West Project Manager:
Senior Project Manager - Edward West


Start Date:
September 25, 2013

End Date:
October 31, 2015

  • Project Description:
    The scope of this project consisted of furnishing all labor, material, and equipment to revitalize the medium voltage distribution system in the industrial and payload processing areas at John F. Kennedy Space Center. This included replacing unit substation 119A and 119B. The work performed under this project consisted of providing all labor, equipment, materials, tools, test equipment, specialized services, and subcontracts to revitalize various medium and low voltage power systems in the KSC Industrial Area.

    • Demolition, replacement, and installation of underground medium voltage cable systems 5kV and 15kV
    • Installing new and replacing various 15kV load break switches with SF6 insulated pad-mount switchgear of the Vacuum Interrupter and vault style load break types
    • Switchgear control power and control systems including the use of programmable logic controllers and Schweitzer Engineering protective relay systems
    • Specialized software integration and communications work to connect, monitor, and control, power metering, PLC, and protective relays from KSC’s existing KCCS system (Citect based SCADA system)

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