Replace Banana River Station

Primary Contractor: Cremer Global Services
Owner: Patrick Air Force Base
Location: Patrick Air Force Base


Start Date:
October 2020
End Date:
October 2021

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Project Description:
Providing all labor, equipment, and materials to replace 18.4KV circuit breakers, compartment doors, relays, fuses and
associated equipment in the Banana River electrical switching station on Patrick AFB. Reuse one PM820U meter, PM8RD and
display presently installed on the main breaker and install & connect five new meter displays. Provide a tie feeder between
SW-59 and SW-60 as alternate power source during and after construction for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management
Institute and Temporary Lodging Facilities. Tie feeder includes replacement of the existing SW-60 with a new solid dielectric
switch, 2-way concrete duct bank between nearby manhole, and installation of existing GFE cable between SW-59 and SW-60.
Furnish and install a new battery system consisting of batteries, rack, charger, disconnect-switch, and spill containment
system. Install and connect smart meters and displays.